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Essential things to know while sending a courier

Essential things to know while sending a courier

Even something as simple as sending a package requires research. Thanks to courier services, it has become extremely easy to send goods to people, and businesses, in particular, have benefited from the service tremendously. But as this is an expanding service, there are many courier services available in the market, and choosing the right one is important. So, here are some of the essential tips and important things to know while sending a courier anywhere.

Check the charges
Every company has its own charges, and there are a couple of factors that define them. This can include the weight, size, volume, and other factors which vary from company to company. It is important to compare all included and excluded charges mentioned by the shortlisted companies and pick the service that suits one’s budget the best.

Note the custom fees and clearance
If the package needs to be sent internationally, also be sure to check the customs fee. This fee differs according to where the package is being sent, as it is decided by the country’s government tax laws and other custom duty prices. Many shipping companies ask for extra prices because of custom tax, but always be sure of the amount because they may be charging more than required.

Another important part is the custom clearance of the goods. It is important to first obtain clearance from the shipping company which is doing the delivery, clearance from the country of origin, and then clearance from the destination country.

Ensure there is a tracking service
All the companies now give a tracking ID to the customer so that they can track their courier when it has been shipped. This gives some transparency to the process, which helps one know where exactly the package has reached. Any courier service which does not provide the customer with a tracking ID cannot be trusted as this is something that can easily be provided by anyone.

Check the contents
This is especially important when sending a courier to another country. Make sure the contents of the courier are acceptable courier items that can be received in the country. Different places have varied regulations and limitations on the type of goods that they can receive, so this information is crucial to know. This point is especially important for any businesses who are involved in import and export business and are constantly moving numerous goods and services around. A quick search on the postal website of the destination country can give this information easily to the customer, in case the courier company is unsure and does not have any answers to the queries.

Check delivery times
Shipping delays can be difficult to deal with, especially since they can take days or weeks to resolve. So it is extremely important to make sure the delivery time of the shipping company is accurate and there is no history of frequent delays from their end. Speak to the shipping company to ensure there are no issues regarding these package deliveries. A standard shipping timeline for international couriers is around 4-6 business days. One can have a couple of days margin on both ends; however, if the delivery time is too much, then it can pose challenges to one’s business and customer relations.

Pack cleverly
Weight and dimensions are two factors that are calculated when estimating the courier price. So, it is important to pack the parcel cleverly to ensure not just accurate pricing but also safety from any probable wear and tear. Keeping the parcel as small as possible is key, so make sure to get the appropriate boxes to pack the contents. Avoiding excess padding can help in weight calculation, and using sturdy cardboard instead of a plastic box can help reduce the weight. If a business is using basic courier services, they can also save some money on packaging by getting discounts from wholesalers in the market.

Opt for a pickup service
Another cost to factor in while sending a courier is the cost of dropping off the courier at the shop. Opting for a pickup service, or door-to-door service, might be better if one has a time crunch or too many packages, saving time and effort for small business owners.

Get coverage
Some packages are extremely sensitive and important. While there is always a risk in sending out items, there are ways to get full coverage on the items in case there is an issue. If they are stolen, displaced, or lost, the customer can claim the coverage amount on the package from the shipping company. Some freight carriers offer up to $100 for any of the lost or damaged items. These coverage amounts may differ from one company to another, so always check for these charges before sending out the package. This is especially important for a package that may contain expensive items or otherwise important items.

Time it right
A lot of delivery companies have a cut-off time during the day in which the first set of packages goes out. Anyone who is looking to save even a day from their delivery time should know this cut-off so they can send out the package in time to be received. This cut-off time varies from company to company, so always check with them when their first batch of packages leaves their warehouse to expedite the delivery process.

If a business is using courier services, it is advised that they immediately share the tracking details with their customer so the individuals can easily track their package instead of the business team constantly coordinating with the customer. These small tips and tricks can help in a smooth courier delivery and any future packing and delivering needs.

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